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This notice applies to all applicants (if the application is made by a limited company or partnership / unincorporated association) directors and partners.

So that we may assess you application for finance, you agree that we may check your details with credit reference and fraud prevention agencies ("the agencies") who will keep a record and provide us with information about you. If you are providing information about others, on a joint application, you must be sure that you have their agreement. We will also liaise with credit reference agencies if we think you've given false information or we suspect fraud. We may also give credit reference agencies information about how you manage your account. We and other companies will use this information to assess you and your household for: credit and credit related services; motor, household, credit, life and other insurance proposals and claims; debt tracing and recovery; prevention of fraud and money laundering; statistical analysis about credit, insurance and fraud; and market research.

Directors Guarantee- your information

Limited Companies established less than3 years will be automatically be searched by UK lenders, to secure a Directors Guarantee. Tick Below if a Directors Guarantee is not available

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I hereby confirm that the information contained in this application is true and accurate and authorise Ultimate Vehicle Leasing Limited to make all enquiries necessary to verify the information and to allow their panel of creditors/finance providers to consider this financial proposal. I understand that the lender reserves the right to decline this proposal, Tick to Accept